So what is this about?

This project is a little experiment in exploring the possibilities of streaming micro-payments from the client browser to the website for applications with music streaming on the internet. The proposed Web-monetization Standard and API is used to define and interact with the Interledger payment network which is fully decetralized and trustless to settle these payments. The proof-of-concept developed is one such application within the indie-music industry which heavily relies on internet music stations, which traditionally are mostly community driven but are sustained via ads.

Why should I care?

Currently on the Web most of the content is monetized using ads and/or third party platforms which act as the middlemen in the settlement of such value transfer from the audience to the creators. This often results in the creators not being able to capture a fair share of the value being generated by their content. And it also results in a poor user-expereince where ads and explicit donations are involved. Micro-payments streaming over decentralized trustless payment networks solves these issues while providing a direct monetization startegy for contet creators on the web.